Ronen Chen is one of Israel’s leading designers for women’s fashion.

With more than 24 successful years of experience, he is considered to be the biggest retailer and wholesaler of the Israeli fashion industry.

Ronen Chen is a very unique fashion brand in Israel. It is shown in all aspects; the clean understated designs, which have become Ronen Chen’s trademark, are inspired by his love to architecture. Ronen Chen creates holistic collections, which are updated and accurate for women.

Along with the styles, Ronen offers a line of accessories to complete the look as total. The collection is divided into mini groups, which hit the stores every week, creating a constant flow of new, refreshing designs.

Ronen Chen’s line is sold to over 300 independent boutiques throughout the United States, UK, Ireland, Canada and Germany.



North East & Mid Atlantic: Andy Bazelle | 203-733-0848 |

Mid West: Barbara Broadhurst | 312-644-0971 |

West Coast: Lesley McEntire | 213-489-4960 |

South East: Missy & Andy Acers | 214-630-3284 |

South West: Haley Acers Johnson | 214-630-3284 |


Euromax | 514-288-8001 |

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